KLWIN - King's Lynn Without INcineration

We said NO, Norfolk County Council do not ignore us!
LANDSLIDE REFERENDUM RESULT:  92.68%  (65,500 voters) said  "NO"

The County Council planning meeting is expected to be in May but is not yet confirmed.
17th April 2012 The Environment Agency(EA) as expected has gone through the motions and looks set to rubber stamp a pollution permit for the incinerator. Judging by their past performance this outcome was predictable, they consider whether the incinerator is likely to comply with the law. The law is so slack it requires Asenic, Cadmium and Mercury discharges to be monitored for a maximum of just 8 hours twice per year (4 times in the first year). Some countries like Belgium have already recognised this slack regulation is inadiquit and overlooks serious emission breaches.
The EA hope to justify their decision at a public meeting on April23rd 3:30 - 20:30 at South Lynn community Centre.
5th April 2012 The Borough Council's legal team have properly considered the case and decided to press ahead with a Judicial Review of DEFRA for ignoring their own funding criteria. The Government claims to value local decision making and financial responsibility, they want to be the Greenest Ever. In the real world DEFRA officials squander obscene amounts, subsidising old technology people do not want. If the case proceeds it could shine light where it is badly needed. Recently undercover reporters exposed the 'cash for influence' scandal, it would be healthy for our democracy to find out who pulls the strings at DEFRA and more importantly, why?

 Easy ways you can help stop the incinerator

Making 3rd round planning objections until April 23rd

Asking for a planning 'call-in'

Norfolk County Council are still in denial claiming most people would like an incinerator, yet they cannot identify a single community willing to host it. When there are environmentally friendly alternatives there is no reason why anyone should want it. The Council have misrepresented incineration as the only alternative to landfill. If it really was, every council in the country would have opted for it.                                                                                       

  Much information distributed by Norfolk County Council has been  either incorrect, vague or so out of context as to be misleading.

KLWIN was formed by local residents consisting of concerned parents, scientists, farmers, business owners, councillors and a wide cross-section of the public.

If you are concerned about the incinerator, please click-on the WHAT YOU CAN DO page.



If you wish to help us with a donation
Please make cheques payable to: KLWIN
Send to:
KLWIN fundraising,
The Cottage, 5 Chequers Road, Grimston, King's Lynn, PE30 4NG
County Councillors make false claims against campaign literature
Documents reveal they witheld their Pro incinerator arguments from the ballot to try and undermine it
If incineration was the only alternative to landfill all Councils would have one
Best Available Filters are not effective against the most harmful particles
Emisssions. Dioxins, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, lead are monitored less than 1% of the time


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